Photography Courses
Are you passionate about your photography?

Would you like to take better photos? We just won't help you take good photographs, we will help you take brilliant photographs!

At PhotoAction, we provide individual instruction to enable you to take sensational photographs, capturing the moment so you enjoy the memories. We provide advice on choice of equipment, from DSLR, to lenses, to tripods, lighting, filters etc and teach you the correct settings. Instruction includes a detailed explanation and understanding of your DSLR settings, ISO, Aperture and Shutter, covering portraiture, sport, seascape & landscape.

Furthermore we provide instruction in the field by travelling with you to capture the shot.

Instruction includes course notes covering the topics above, field trips and editing the images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and the use of Plug Ins such as On1 Software, Nik Software and Topaz Labs Software

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Below are sample images showing  you the results you will achieve

Seascape & Landscape Photography

Sport Photography

Wild Life Photography


Pet Portraits

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